La Brasiliana permanent hair straightening treatment in Brighton & Hove

Now in Brighton - La Brasiliana - keratin treatment with collagen - smoothes, shines, softens, eliminates frizz & gives hair instant manageability

Now in Brighton – La Brasiliana – keratin treatment with collagen – smoothes, shines, softens, eliminates frizz & gives hair instant manageability

Now offered at Brookes Hair Design in Brighton & Hove

La Brasiliana permanent hair straightening – just £120!

keratin treatment with collagen – smoothes, shines, softens, eliminates frizz & gives hair instant manageability

Brazilian Keratin based hair treatment can transform a head of unmanageable, coarse hair into a shinny, sleek and easy maintained hair. It eliminates frizz, making the sleeker hair easy to manage between shampoos. With the unpredictability of our weather, La Brasiliana Zero Keratin hair treatment can ensure manageable hair even if the wind blows, or if you get caught in a shower. La Brasiliana also retains its effect even in humid conditions, keeping hair in place – ideal for looking great on those holidays in hot, exotic places.

Brazilian Hair Treatment – Quality Ingredients

The ingredients used in La -Brasiliana hair products are of the highest quality, using Keratin and collagen based  products ensures that your hair is completely conditioned from the root to end of your hair, leaving it  more shinny and manageable than before the treatment.

Brookes’  staff are able to talk you through all of your hair, conditioning and after care questions, putting your mind at rest that La Brasiliana Zero Keratin hair treatment will be right for you.

La Brasiliana Hair Tretment – The Detail

La Brasiliana is a revolutionary hair treatment that transforms the hair. La Brasiliana is based on keratin – the main protein of the hair, skin, and nails. This naturally occurring protein enables hair return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state. La Brasiliana also contains collagen, which increases the hair’s elasticity.
Unlike many other hair treatments, La Brasiliana Zero Keratin treatment with Collagen regenerates hair condition and does not damage or change the hair’s molecular structure. La Brasiliana can be used on all hair types including coloured, permed, relaxed, straightened, highlighted, and bleached hair

La Brasiliana Application Process

The La Brasiliana application process takes between 2 to 4 hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair.
After application the hair is sealed with a flat iron, to keep in moisture and hydrate the hair for a silky, glossy finish. The results of the La Brasiliana treatment are immediately evident. The treated hair looks shiny and beautiful.
The hair treatment last 2 / 4  months, dissipating gradually as the hair is shampooed. As the treatment is re-applied every 2 / 4 months, you will see a continuous improvement in your hair’s condition.

Use La-Brasiliana on Coloured Hair

La-Brasiliana hair treatment can be applied on pre coloured hair, in fact you can have a colour applied to your hair in the saloon and then have the La Brasilian treatment put onto your hair immediately after. However, once the La Brasiliana hair treatment has been applied you should wait two weeks before having your hair coloured.

After the Keratin treatment, the straightened hair should then not be washed for 4 days. If the hair does get wet, simply blow dry and flat iron at once. The treated hair should not be put up, or tucking behind ears during this period.

Goodbye To Frizzy Hair

After 4 days the hair is pretty much set and will not go frizzy if caught in a shower or damp conditions. You can also wash and blow dry hair as normal after the 4  days have passed, leaving the hair instantly manageable, silky, and shinning, taking the stress out of using hot irons on your hair and taking less time to style your hair.

With La Brasiliana there is no need to treat just the re-growth, due to the gentle natural of the product, La Brasiliana can be used on the whole head of hair every time.

La Brasiliana – Essential After Care

After hair care is also very important. Ensure that your treated hair remains in ideal condition, using the best products available, with the Uno Keratin treatment shampoo with collagen. The Keratin collagen conditioner is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. You should then finish the hair treatment with Tre Define and Shine Keratin and collagen serum.

The use of these Keratin and collagen after care products will ensure your Brazilian hair treatment results last and keep your hair glossy and shinny.

La Brasiliana treatment is not advised for pregnant and nursing mothers. It can be used on children 7 years and over and is also very popular for men.